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Hurling Rebounder



Mega Hurling Rebounder is a purpose designed frame with net and target area for training and practising your Hurling skills. Its optimum size of 5.5ft high by 4ft wide provides an easy to hit net of 22 sq ft. The large red square makes a perfect target area. The net is fixed to the frame by a series of elasticated connectors, this makes the net act with a trampoline effect sending the ball back towards the player. The frame is cleverly angled so that the ball comes back at a different angle after each shot. This means the player has to move to catch the returning ball. The net tension is easily adjusted and can be tightened or slackened to suit different player ages and skill levels. The frame is fixed into the ground by a number of metal stakes to ensure stability. Hurleymaster is the ideal product for Hurlers and Camogie players of all ages. Its flexibility makes it equally suited to senior players at club and county level and for younger aspiring Hurlers to play in their back garden.

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XL Hurling Rebounder



Made from 25mm galvanized powder coated steel and comes with an adjustable (5ft x 5ft) tilting frame enabling players to choose and practice the speed and angle at which the ball is returned.

This training aid will return a ball quicker than a normal wall and is essential in improving hurling and camogie skills such as catching, striking, hand-eye co-ordination and general reflex’s.



This ideal training aid forces the feet to adapt to extremely fast patterns of footwork by repeating the exercises over and over 2 metre

Metal Goalposts


Northern and Southern Ireland Shipping ONLY

Gaelic/Rugby/Soccer Goalposts
10ft x 6ft Fully portable, free standing steel frame portable gaelic/hurling posts. This Multi Sports Goal is suitable for Gaelic football, hurling, camogie and soccer. Easy to assemble and comes with ground stakes and weather proof net. Ball not included.

Slalom Poles

  • 12x 1.7m high poles with groundspikes.
  • Pole diameter: 11/4″.
  • Help to develop lateral manoeuvring.
  • Supplied with a bag

Sliotar line balls


8x sliotars on a 25 metre line which can be secured to the ground at both ends with extra strong ground anchors.

Distances between balls can be varied by simply sliding balls along the line to suit.

An invaluable coaching aid for on the run clashing, striking etc.

Sliotar Pole Trainer


A strong nylon rod with a flexible mounted slitoar great for improving striking and blocking and hooking. Pack includes 2 poles.

Spacer Cones


Set of 50 x 200mm diameter flexible plastic markers with easy use carrier.

Colours- Mixed colours

Cones come with handy carry stand so they can be easily stored and transported

Set of 50 Marker Cones on a metal stand.