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Hygiene Water Bottle Set 8x


Hygiene water bottle set with wire carrier & x8 750ml water bottles

Eliminate mouth contact with the outlet nozzle, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Multi Sports Practice Net (7 x 7)


Multi Spoirts Practice Net (7 x 7)

Can n be used for a multitude of sports – Golf, Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Hurling, Tennis, etc

Large 7’ x 7’ x 3’ (213cm x 213cm x 90cm) size

Quick and easy pop-up setup design

Net secure tightener strap

Strong bungee attached fibre glass poles

High quality 20mm PE 3ply hardwearing square netting

Includes: Carry bag and strong ground anchors

Hurling Mega Rebounder


The Hurling Mega Rebounder is perfect for improving your passing, touch and control. The precise target zone develops your hand eye coordination. Perfect for beginners to advanced players.

  • 66” (H) X 48” (W)
  • Extra Strength Mesh
  • Plastic Hooks for fixing onto frame
  • Instruction Sheet

Hurling/Camogie Adjustable Rebounder



Made from 25mm galvanized powder coated steel and comes with an adjustable (5ft x 4ft) tilting frame enabling players to choose and practice the speed and angle at which the ball is returned.

This training aid will return a ball quicker than a normal wall and is essential in improving hurling and camogie skills such as catching, striking, hand-eye co-ordination and general reflex’s.

Multi jumbo Sports Rebounder


Multi Sports Jumbo Rebounder

9ft x 7ft Jumbo multi-sport rebounder. Manufactured from a strong powder coated steel frame, high-spec netting and elastic bungee ties.

Ideal for a multitude of sports – Football, Gaelic Football, Tennis, Handball, baseball

Massive 9ft wide x 7ft high rebounder making team or individual practice possible for all ages and abilities

Adjustable with four different angles to allow for different variations of rebound

Comes with red square central target tape and also white net/headband height tape

Frame manufactured from strong 32mm powder coated steel frame

Base grips to withstand powerful rebounds. (Ground anchors also included as an extra precaution, especially in high winds)

Bungee tie cords and 30ply twisted polyethylene

Suitable for all weather conditions

Speed Ladders


This ideal training aid forces the feet to adapt to extremely fast patterns of footwork by repeating the exercises over and over 4 metre

Fold a Goal (Set of 2)


Fold a Goal

1x Set of folding Goals size 4.5′ x 3.5′

  • Ideal for small pitches and small sided games.
  • Goals fold down easily without dismantling and spring back into shape.
  • Supplied with ground pegs and carry bag.


Metal Goalposts


Multi Sports Goalposts 10ft x 12ft (with extension posts) & 10ft x 6ft Multi Sport Steel Goal. Manufactured from a strong zinc coated steel frame.

Ideal for a multitude of sports – Gaelic Football, Rugby, Hurling, Football

Quick & easy to assemble locking system

Suitable for all weather conditions

Net, net holders and ground anchors included

10ft x 6ft x 3.5ft goal

Slalom Poles


Precision Boundary Poles Set of 12
Set of 12 (4 fluo yellow, 4 fluo orange, 4 red).

1.7m high poles with groundspikes.

Pole diameter: 11/4″.

Help to develop lateral manoeuvring.

Supplied with a bag.

Call for bulk prices

*Please allow up to 5-7 days for delivery *

Sliotar line balls


8x sliotars on a 25 metre line which can be secured to the ground at both ends with extra strong ground anchors.

Distances between balls can be varied by simply sliding balls along the line to suit.

An invaluable coaching aid for on the run clashing, striking etc.

Eyeball Trainer Ball



Unique Hand to eye co-ordination training ball can be attached to the wrist or pegged to the ground using the strong Velcro strap attached. The perfect training aid for all Hurlers & Camogs

Check out the link below for a quick demo